Scanner d'environnement

We are pleased to announce that a new measurement solution is available at Sematec Métrologie!

Our mobile service team is able to capture reality in 3D faster than ever before with our new Leica RTC360 laser.
This environment scanner offers outstanding precision which can be verified on the spot.

How is this solution used?

This solution is used upstream and downstream from an environment construction, refurbishment or upgrade project.

Using our environment scanner, we can create an “as-built” representation or “digital twin” – an accurate 3D representation of the site before the project planning stage (production line installation, change of factory configuration, large-scale construction project).
In this way, all the location’s conditions (constraints) will be known, enabling you to make your ideas a reality with peace of mind.

When the project is completed, we will be able to verify its conformity with the plan.

This service is aimed at businesses working on complex projects requiring accurate and reliable 3D representations regardless of the on-site conditions.

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Our mobile service team: