Join the team at Sematec and be part of the Hexagon Group, which, through its international presence and array of business sectors, offers its staff a wealth of opportunities to progress throughout their career.
Staff members are offered a varied range of training to develop their career.
This also makes it possible, as needs change, to strike a healthy work-life balance.

Sematec supports gender equality, with women making up 35% of our teams, and 50% of our management team.
Furthermore, Sematec takes pride in having scored 100/100 in 2022 in the French Gender Equality Index.

We also roll out concrete initiatives around multiculturalism, job opportunities for younger and older people, and disability, so that every worker feels at home, and can fulfil their potential and flourish in their career.
Symatec strives to support its workers’ plans financially or by adapting work schedules.

Sematec’s nationwide presence allows its workers to access attractive regions such as the Alps, the Vendée region, Southwest France, etc.

As a responsible business, at Sematec, we are constantly mindful of reducing our carbon footprint in our laboratories and take careful consideration of our choice of suppliers.

There are so many reasons to be proud to join our team!